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Sunday, February 9, 2014

It has about killed me.........

But I finally got it done. As you well know and I have said before I like to paint in the house. It just makes things look nice and freshens the place up. But this laundry room has about been the death of me for sure. I just cant do the physical stuff that I use to. Between moving the appliances and all the bending and stooping and climbing I was so ready for bed last night. Got the whole thing painted. Got the mirror back in its place.

Damn it looks empty and sterile. The paint color was much lighter than I had anticipated. Almost white! No I don't do white. I did a lot of searching on Pinterest last night, scanned thru some blogs, pondered on things I had that I could re-purpose and use to add some life. Not to mention hiding the connectors for the washer. So far this is what I came up with. What do ya think?

The quilts on the wall behind the appliances are family heirlooms that are very near the end of their useful life. They are falling apart. I remember sleeping under those as a child. They feel so good to touch. The picture on the right side has been thru a house fire, it belonged to my grandmother on dads side of the family. The feed sack dress by given to be by an aunt. On the left are 2 washboards, still usable(ha ha) that belonged to a family friend. Ya know, I keep in touch thru facebook with this fellows daughter, I might just contact her and see if she would like to have her dads old washboard. The wooden ironing board behind the washer that now hides the power supply to the washer was a gift from a former co-worker. Still in good usable shape(ha ha). I don't like to iron. Don't know many people who do. I still think I need to put up a small shelf to hold some old irons and jars of buttons. Maybe in a few days I will brave the weather and get out and find a shelf.
I can not believe I am about to show this in public. But it looks so much better than it did.

This is where things go when they are homeless. OK so I cheated an didn't show the floor area. Well with good reason. We garden, we like sweet potatoes. And sweet taters will not keep in our cellar. They need warm, dry storage. So that is where we store those in winter till the weather warms and by then they will mostly be gone. Except the ones I will use for starts for this years crop. This room also serves as a back entrance where we take off muddy boots and shoes in general. It gets a lot of dirt and clutter. Maybe more shelf space will help a bit with keeping that in check.

OK, this is it! This is where rugs go to die totally. Once they live a few months in here catching mud and other various things they are pretty gross. The towel serves to catch wet stuff, like snow, that we have almost daily seems like. This will be so nice IF and WHEN we ever get laminate floors down. Hopefully soon. Yeah my sandals are still out, thas what I wear to go feed chickens, cats and or the dog. Well at least they go on and off easier than boots, and I am not out there long, mostly. I am pretty happy with the end result now that I have this room painted. I would love to start on the dining room tomorrow but dang my body needs a few days to recover. Maybe I can just chill out and work on my quilt tomorrow.

We had a few snow flurries today but nothing on the ground or roads right now. I guess dad was right. It thaws a lil every day in February. It might snow one day, but its mostly gone the next. I can take that. Its the snow that lays on for days on end that get the best of me. Not much else happening on this lazy Sunday evening. The peach cobbler is almost done. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



lisa said...

Love what you did to the laundry room....Have a question about the quilt....does it hang down below the dryer?? I know my dryer gets mighty warm and I would fear the quilts would catch fire...just a thought... Lisa

Pokeberry Mary said...

Hi Stella--I think the paint is perfect. :) the quilt looks very nice--however-- 'if' I were you--I'd maybe make something nice out of it and not keep it over the laundry.

Our family made a santa and toys stuffed doll decoration for my mom in law--everyone on the family made one item. I made a toy doll for the sant sack and tea dyed it.

The quilt was used in the santa. It is out every Christmas as a decoration.

The problem with the laundry room is the dust and humidity will make it wear away faster. :( Vintage family heirlooms are so precious few these days they are worth using for something special. Even pillows or frame various peices and hang on wall.. just some ideas.

its yours though--so feel free to shrug off my suggestions. :)