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Friday, February 28, 2014

Comments and responses

Well I guess by the title you can tell I don't remember what I was gonna title the post that contained my response to my sweet readers comments. OK so laugh it up.  But when you see it you will know it has answers to questions you may have ask or concerns.

Some readers were concerned about the issue in this picture with the quilt going down behind the dryer and damage to the antique quilt and fire risk.

Ya know what I never really gave a lot of thought to either. But after takin note and looking closer Lisa the quilt does go down behind the dryer about a foot. BUT the dryer is about 18 inches or more (I cant judge distance) from the quilt. I did check to see how warm it got behind there last time I did laundry and as far as heat being a problem and risk of possible fire, unless the dryer catches fire there is no danger of it catching fire as it is. My dryer exhaust at the bottom and goes outside and when the dryer is running it is not but a few degrees warmer behind the dryer than ambient temperature in the house. But ya made me think and check it out, so thank you.

Mary I had given some thought to possibly making something to treasure with these old quilts. After some thinkin I will probably take them down before long and maybe alternate for short periods of time with others I have or if and when I get a spurt of energy maybe make just a simple wall hanging to put there instead. These quilts are so deteriorated that I am not sure there is enough of the pattern left to make a pillow. There is really not a moisture or heat issue in this room as it is not closed off but the fact that the quilts are "hanging" will do more damage to them. They certainly have seen their share of use and love over the years tho. Ya know I could put a shelf back behind the dryer, prop a print or small painting on the shelf to camouflage the water inlet and just put other pictures and such on the wall. That would solve the problem too. Hmm, it just takes another persons perspective sometime. Thanks Mary and keep em comin.

Blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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