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Monday, June 11, 2012

The puppies are home!

Finally! Luna has brought her lil girls up to the house so we can see them. They are so dang cute. I can see where I will be spending a lot of time. I guess she figured it was time to start them on food and the front porch is where the food bowl stays. And I did get pics of them today.

The top pic the lil one was hiding from me under her momma. Then she tried to run back to the house and she is far too fat to run and I caught her, so dang cute.

Finally tonight blogger will let me load photos so here are the ones from the garden that I could not load last night.

The bottom pic is the field where we had corn last year and as most know corn is a heavy feeder. It will take most all the nitrogen out of ground. So to replenish the nitrogen we decided to plant the field in Pink Eye Purple Hull cow peas. They fix nitrogen in the soil and after harvesting what we want of the peas the plants will then be turned back into the soil as green manure. Hopefully it will improve the ground some. There is a row of cantaloupe about 1/3 the length of this field. If each plants makes one melon we should have at least 2 pickup loads. What to do with all the cantaloupe?
As you see from the top 2 pics our garden is still small yet, we planted later than normal for us. It did need rain. Today we had a few good showers of rain that I know helped a good deal. Would be nice if it rained a slow steady rain all night. But God will give us what we need I am sure.
My momma hens so far have hatched 2 baby chicks. There should be more tomorrow. Then I need to find feeders and water tanks for the lil ones as I took the other tank to the other building for the Cornish cross. Such is life.
Not much else happening here, so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Pokeberry Mary said...

your little puppies are so BIG!LOL.. my Paco is about 6 or 7 pounds now at 3 months. How smart of Luna to bring them to the dish. I just love thinking of that picture in my mind. :)

Deb said...

Whoohoo! Now you can pick peas for all of your relatives!(joking) Does the puppy have a name yet?

Susan said...

What a beautiful BIG puppy! Your garden is amazing - I think most of us got ours in late this year. Waiting up here for the last frost seemed to take forever.