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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just what I needed.........

........more lil orphans to take care of.

  Not like I dont have anything else to do. Gosh it takes an hour twice a day to just feed the lil orphans that I have now. A total of 4 lil chicks that the momma hen kept tossing out of the nest and wouldnt take after hatching. One of them was wet and his body so cold I almost tossed him thinkin he would not live. I am glad I didnt because when I brought him in the house and put him in the incubator and got him warm and dry he is doing fine. So I got 4 babies with no momma that will take em. The lil orphan kittens are doing good. They have learned that I am their food source but they still dont let me pet them. But thas ok too. As long as they get food and water is what matters. I have to refill water pans several times a day for the animals and birds that are out in this unbearable heat we have been having. We havent had rain for most of a month now. There are no water holes or creeks for the critters to find water. With the mild winter we were kinda prepared to have an abundance of insect pest like mosquetos and fleas, ticks and the like. But there has been very few. I guess because there is no water for them either and they died. Not saying thats a bad thing tho.
We on Saturday as I was going down the hill to feed the lil kittens I took a tumble. Not a pretty sight for sure. At first I thought for sure I had broke my arm and maybe foot. But as time went on my pinky finger side of my right hand hurts really bad as does the big toe on my left foot. Of course being hillbilly I was barefoot and got my feet caught in some netting that I had placed near some landscape plants to keep the chickens from digging them up and hit the ground hard. Any way I went to the doc today for other things and had them do an xray of my hand to make sure I didnt crack the bone. I am sure it is not a complete fracture but maybe a crack due to how much pain it gives me. Not the time of year for me to be handicapped too.
Guess I will get the results tomorrow if its broke or not.
We had planned on butchering off the cornish cross chickens this weekend as they are now over 7 weeks old and still not big enough to butcher. They should have already been in the freezer. They have had high protein feed 24/7 and that makes em grow. Not these. I always ordered my chicks from Marti poultry farms in Missouri and found that they have closed down due to illness in the family. It was a family operated business from what I gather. I orederd from McMurray hatchery this year and not sure if they dont have good breeding stock or what , but this group of chicks have not grown like the ones I got from Marti. So I guess I will try another hatchery next time I get birds to see if I can find one with better quality.
We have been picking strawberries again and raspberries every other evening. I have enough raspberries now to make a batch of raspberry jam I think. Maybe I will do that tomorrow if its not so hot I cant breathe in the summer kitchen. I really need to go get a load of mulch to use on my herbs and go ahead and water them I guess or I may lose a lot of my new plantings. Probably the only things that will get watered will be the new stuff that is not established good yet. The rest of the plants will be ok I think. So thas my options for tomorrow I suspose.
Not much else happening here ,so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Pokeberry Mary said...

Amazing how much you get done Stella! I love your little motherless babes. :) I've been busy working on my etsy shop art and my gardening is reduced to cultivating wildflowers for shade & my little bitty herb garden. It seems to suit me well. Seeing a rheumatologist in August for my spine in particular & all the rest. LOL..
We got another grandson yesterday! Stop by and see pix. :)

Carl Belken said...

Oh, Stella, am soooo sorry about the fall you took...saying prayers that you have no fx's and may you heal quickly. Dang it, we just gotsta be related...was so intent on squishing those durned chinese beetles that have taken a hankering for the pole beans, that didn't 'see' the hole in Carl's sweet taters drinkin ditch, stepped right into it, all but sittin on a big ol perty bunch of tater vines! Was able to grab the hog panel, but dang, I knew the hole wuz there, just too busy takin care of business, din hab time tuh think 'bout that! Will try my best to give yas a jingle later today. Hoping yas gets good news from the doc, so yas can get back to doin all you'ze ah' doin! God Bless You, Dear Frien! Gracie

Cat said...

Oh, Stella, sorry to hear you're hurted again! Get better soon, and quit runnin' 'round barefoot!