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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Almost dry enough to plant

We had a break in the rain here and the garden and corn field are almost dry enough to plow and plant. Yippee!! I will be glad to get the rest of our garden in and get it growing. The stuff we already have out is doing great. The peas are starting to produce and probably by middle of next week I will be able to pick and can some of em. I will need to get my lil "scooter" in the garden too so I can weed the carrot row and lettuce. When we plant corn this weekend Rodger will use the tractor and corn drill to plant our sweet corn and beans. I like this method as the planter puts down the fertilizer as it goes. So we don't need to tote a bucket and side dress the plants. I have far too many tomato plants again this year and we wont be planting them all. But it is hard to even give that kind of stuff away here as no one wants to come get it. They expect you to bring it to em. Or bring them the fruits of your labor. The strawberries are still producing like crazy. Rodger and I (helped a lil) picked about a gallon this evening. So another gallon to add to the 10 I already had in the freezer. We are set for strawberries now. With him doing most of the work we did get the raspberry row almost done. The weeds were awful in there. We will probably go back tomorrow evening and finish pulling the weeds out of them. They do have some lil berries setting on the plants. So am hoping I have some raspberries this year too. Maybe they wont wear me out like the strawberries have. Heck I have lost this whole week almost and not got much done. On Tuesday I did manage to get my big herb bed weeded so I can transplant some more herb plants in there. But dang for the past 2 days I have felt like crap warmed over. Not sure whats muh problem but its wearing me down. I guess its just a bad week with the fibromyalgia. I saw my arthritis doc on Monday and got some not so good news. He says my arthritis is progressing faster than he likes. He always checks my joints for deterioration and when he checked my knees he said "you are not far from having knee replacement". I thought dang it and I thought I was doing OK. But my knees are hurty and I don't do steps at all. He thinks the disc is gone in the knee joints but did say there is a procedure they can do now where they inject a jell substance in the knee joint and it gives ya more mileage from you knees with less pain. So if my insurance is cooperative we are gonna try that soon. Seems like when I get one thing fixed something else falls apart or falls off. Cant imagine whats next. Anyway, I keep plugging along and doing what I can and what I enjoy.
My baby chicks will be here early next week and I still don't have the laying hens moved yet. Another project for this weekend while the fellers are home. Seems there is so much to do and so little time. But we keep going forward.

Not much else happening here, so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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Deb said...

Every time I read what you got done in the last week, it makes me want to jump up and get busy. Too bad it's dark outside now.....hehe!