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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The greenhouse is pretty full

The greenhouse is pretty full of trays of dirt right now. Well those trays of dirt do have seeds in them. I filled the bench on one whole side today with seed trays of things that will go in the big garden. I started one tray of tomatoes and some peppers for my Aunt Ann. Another bench that is about 6 ft long if filled with trays of what I hope will be herbs. A few new ones I am trying this year. Stevia, an all natural sweetener for one. And some borage as well. Borage has beautiful flowers on it. Star shaped blue lil flowers, pretty and edible. Now its water and open doors, turn on fans and babysit till the seedlings emerge. I really didn't start but a couple ornamental things in the greenhouse. I tried to same room for all the important stuff. Still need to bed some sweet taters for slips. When we got the plastic on the greenhouse Sunday we moved the pots that had the grapevine cutting in them to the greenhouse. I decided to check them to see if any had taken root yet. Oh my, I had lots of new grapevines. About half had developed lil roots. I transferred them to pots so they could get established and get some growth on them before they get put in the field in their permanent location. The ones who have not opened their buds are still in the pots of sand to see if they decide to make roots or not. No sense wasting potting soil and pots if they are not going to grow. I guess tomorrow I will need to round up my fan and a long cord to get it set up to move air in the greenhouse. The moving air blowing on the plants helps to strengthen the stems and also helps prevent damping off.
I think spring is here finally. The temps today were in the 70's and I saw several robins in the yard. Absolutely beautiful day to be outside. The forsythia is starting to bloom, peonies are peeking up thru the mulch, green all over the herb bed. Speaking of herb bed. I do think I will need to expand it again this year. I just don't have sufficient room to grow all the herbs that I would like. But then I wonder if I ever would. Then there will be the new strawberry bed that is needed. I get some pretty dirty looks when I mention building beds.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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Jen said...

Sure is good to get out in the garden and greenhouse Stelly. Sounds like you are going to have another busy season yet. Will be curious to see how the Stevia does. ~'Jenny'