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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Its mid-summer already, how did that happen!!!!

Here it is mid June, summer soltice, longest day of the year. It seems just the other day we were hoping for spring and warmer weather. Well we got it now. It has been mi the mid 90's already this summer. Our garden is doing well all things considered. We thought for a while we might not be able to have one at all. But God blessed us once again. We got the field corn planted Easter weekend as well as the sweet corn, although Rodger was not feeling well at all. I think we both were really worried. Almost didnt bother with trying to plant a garden this season due to his health but we pushed on. Got out tomatoes, peppers and such transplanted and others things direct seeded. Everything came up good except the cucumbers. Those were zero sprouting. Replanted those a week or so ago. Finally got Rodger to see the family doc and long story short he was referred to a cardiologist and pulmonologist. He had been having chest pain when he exerted himself the tiniest bit. On May 11th he had a heart cath and 3 stents placed. As for his heart he is doing great. Just really low energy level. But we think this issue has been ongoing for a couple to 3 years and really has taken its tole as far as physical endurance goes. So he is doing cardiac rehab now and that is going great. So he is on the uphill swing. About 10 days after the heart cath he did manage to get our garden hoed out and tilled to try to combat the weed and grass issue. So far it all looks good. The beans are trellised and starting to climb the trellis. Sweet corn is short but tasseling out. Tomatoes have lots of green tomatoes on them. My blackberry canes are loaded with big green berries. Should have lots of good blackberries this year. My new thornless raspberries I planted ate looking good and have had a handful of berries on them this year. Rodger purchased some bird netting to use to cover the blackberries to keep birds and such from eating them. He and Jason got the net put up last evening. Now wait for ripe berries.

On May 27th we drove to Birmingham to pick up our 2 lil grandsons at the airport. A friend was flying his boys to Alabama to visit family and suggested the lil ones fly with him and make it a easier trip for us as far and getting them instead of the long drive to Arizona. So we have our sweet little grandsons, Liam and Zachary here for a month. We are taking them home leaving here about July 3rd or so. They have had a blast and as you other grandparents know so has this grammy. Such well mannered polite lil boys for 2 and 4 yr olds. They have got to play in dirt, play in the rain, gather eggs, pick and eat all the strawberries, just doing what lil boys like to do. If we can just keep the skeeters, chiggers and ticks from eating them up. They have their lil kiddie pool on the back deck to splash in to cool off on hot days.

Sasha loved the little boys as soon as she met them. Liam loves her, she still intimidates Zach bit.

Playing in the rain is especially fun when you can do it in your pajamas at Grammy's house.

Getting to go in the garden with papa is a big deal for lil boys. Until they get big enough to use a hoe at least.

Getting to watch the trains go by is a big deal when you are little I suppose.

As you can tell by the lack of pics of garden stuff and farm stuff I have been just entertaining and enjoying these lil ones. I know when they have to go home it will be entirely too quiet here for my liking. I have tried to convince their mom and daddy that it would be much cheaper and easier on all if we just keep them till mom and dad come home in December then they can take them home. That Idea is NOT flying at all for some reason. I can imagine they are lost to death without those noisy lil boys in the house.

Not much else happening here on the farm, so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Andrea said...

Hurray for doctors' visits, tests, procedures, and feeling better once again!!

Happy Summer!!

Love, Andrea

Andrea said...

How is your summer going, Stella? I'd love to read an update, as I always enjoy your blog posts. xoxo

Andrea said...

Sure wish you'd start blogging again, Stella. I always enjoyed your down home posts talking about the everyday ordinary happenings there on your place.... and also about your crafts too. Please think about coming back. Most sincerely~ Andrea xxx