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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Is it over yet?

I can only wish winter was over already. I do think I am tired of being cold now. So ready to get my lil paws in the dirt and be outside an not freeze my ass off. I just got home from west Ky today, actually this afternoon. When I left west Ky yesterday it was 22 degrees and sunny. Rodger had called to tell me the roads here were crappy and said I should stop and spend the night with my friend Rosie in central Ky. So I made my way from Murray to Rosie's house with no problem. But dang it was colder there. I really enjoyed my visit with Rosie an her family. Such nice folks. You can always count on good wholesome food and wonderful company. We didn't spend much time out side as it was bitter cold and I sure didn't think I needed to be out much in that kind of weather after just getting over being sick with flu and sinus infections. Rosie cooks on a wood cook stove in winter time. Talk about nice and toasty. Not many places you can go, feel at home, eat good home cooked food cooked on a wood cook stove, sleep under a real down comforter as snug as a bug in a rug. When I go visit there I usually make a trip to the Amish salvage store and pick up a few things that are a lil hard to find in our area. I can get coconut oil to cook with for around $10 a gallon. I usually stock up and get about 3 gallon a year from there. I guess maybe I don't fry much stuff anymore as that will last me well over a year. I like using coconut oil as it is healthier than even olive oil. Not to mention it does not add any flavor of its own to the food you cook. Anyway, I left there and headed on home this morning and hit snow about half way between E-town and Lexington and there was lots of snow all the way home. The roads were clear but a good deal of snow on the grass and road sides. Our lil county road here at home is snow covered an rather slick but I had no problem getting in. My H-3 hummer did a fine job. I like it!! Actually that is probably the first time I have driven in snow in a good many years. But damn, a feller has to get home. And I did. Ain't no place like home tho. I fixed some chili for supper so we had a hot meal and now to just relax and get back in home mode. Tomorrow will be a different day.

I really want to get my kitchen painted this week. I bought paint a couple months ago and still have not even started on the kitchen. I will feel better when the kitchen has a fresh coat of paint and might do some redecorating in there. Maybe, just maybe, if I can get the kitchen painted Rodger can get my laminate floors put in soon. Wouldn't that be nice? And I know it will look so much better too. Our flooring is looking pretty tired and worn at this point. Not that it was really expensive to start with but after all its about 15 years old. This is what my mind wants to do this week. Now if my body don't laugh at me tomorrow maybe I can get started. Everyone else I know paints in warm weather. But heck no not me, I want to do that stuff when I am stuck inside and cant get OUT side to do other things. Just makes more sense to me. But I usually do things ass backwards anyway.

I guess it is time to dig out garden seeds an double check to make sure we have everything we need to get the garden started this year. I already know I have my sweet corn seed and green beans ready. Just have to make sure I still have plenty of carrots, beets, cabbage, broccoli and the other small seeds we usually plant. I know its only about 3 weeks till it will be time to actually plant peas. We normally try to have those planted on Valentines day. I cant imagine it being dry enough to plant peas or even get in the garden for that matter in 3 weeks. But we shall see.

Not much else happening here on the farm right now, so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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