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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Back on the farm

I am finally back on the farm for a while. It is a little hard to post about things that happen here when you are not here, right? Yep I been gone for almost a month. For the past 5 years now I went to western Ky to help my late Aunt Ann cook at the hunting lodge. So this year I was ask to do the same. Been back on this end of the state for just a few days and those days have been busy at best. Got home on Tuesday, had doctor appointment on Wednesday, Thanksgiving with Rodgers family on Thursday, stayed home all day on Friday then went to Lexington yesterday(Saturday) to the gun show and to do a lil stocking up and shopping. OH, did I tell ya I hate shopping. No one in their right mind should be shopping on a first of the month 3 weeks before Christmas. Good grief!! what were we thinking? Anyway, we did make a trip to Sam's club for some staples to re-stock the pantry so I can hibernate this winter, maybe. I can physically work a full time job due to the fibro and RA so I do some seasonal and part time work when I can. So the job working an cooking at the lodge in the fall is about my only income. In the past we have also had hunters during the December muzzle load season and I am kinda hoping we do this year as well. Another small amount of income to help out here.
In the meantime, back on the farm. We still have things to do before the winter weather sets in for good. I still need to get the hen house cleaned out and new bedding in for the hens to keep them toasty this winter. I think I might just move the manure and old bedding down to the 3 beds that are out back and just cover it over to rot thru the winter. Then in spring it will be ready to plant with early spring goodies such as carrots, onions, lettuce and things of that sort. I am actually looking forward to the spring garden season and the big garden this summer. I think I will feel much better and am more able to help with it this coming year. Last summer was just a blur for me. Gosh so nice to be off some meds that were sure not helping me. Our orchard needs some attention very soon. The deer are still doing lots of damage to the young trees. Not sure why the big bucks choose to rub on the lil young fruit trees with all the bigger trees that surround the fields. I found a post on Pinterest that intrigued me a good deal. Using like 2 liter soda bottles and cut small slits in the side of the bottle and put the lid on, mount to a stick or post of some sort and anchor in the ground. When the wind blows it makes a howling noise, almost eerie and depending on the size slit somewhat high pitched. I am thinking that maybe if I make a few of these it will make enough strange noise to keep the deer at bay. Maybe? At least for a while? When I make some I will post more details an pictures for ya so you will know if they work or not. I guess I wont know till I try. We did hang pieces of Irish Spring soap in onion bags around and it did seem to work as long as the soap was there. Deer are not stupid critters that some would tend to think. I also think next hunting season the fellers might think about hunting here and getting rid of a few of these destructive varmints. Beautiful they are, destructive to crops as well.

It is hard to believe it is December already. Where the heck did summer and fall go? Or did I just miss it somehow? It is a true statement that the older you get the faster time flys by. Or so it seems. I am looking forward to the Christmas holiday this year tho more than usual. Maybe because our lil grandson will be here to visit with his momma and daddy too this time. We haven't got to see Rob since we saw him in April when Liam was born. This momma is having some serious withdrawal. I do OK for a few months then I want to see my lil boy too. Guess its just something about mommas and their lil boys that only mommas with lil boys can understand. But they will be here around the 27th of December to spend about a week with us. Plenty of time to spoil Liam a good bit too. Really looking forward to seeing them all.

We are having our late Thanksgiving dinner here today for us and Jason and his lil family. I am making the turkey breast and all the trimmings and Jason is making the ham. He makes good ham. AND he has the big crock pot to fix it in so that makes him the elected one to do ham. He covers the ham with apple cider and a good deal of brown sugar mixed in and bastes the ham thru the cooking process which will take around 6 to 8 hours on low in a crock pot. Makes for a sweet tender ham. Just the way we like it. We will eat around 2 or so this afternoon. But I sure feel a nap coming on after getting most of my prep work done and dinner started. Nap, yes thas a good idea.

Not much else happening here on the farm. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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Lamb said...

Great to see you back and posting! Missed ya!