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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cellar and summer kitchen started

Well we had the excavation work done for the root cellar about a week ago and now are in the process of getting it poured and the summer kitchen built. The footers are poured for the root cellar and the slab is poured for the summer kitchen. The contractor was here today forming up the walls of the cellar so they can be poured later this week. And hopefully the building can start on the summer kitchen also later this week. The root cellar will do double duty as food storage and a storm shelter. The inside dimensions will be about 6-1/2 ft X 10-1/2 ft. Should be ample storage for all the home canned food plus storage bins for root crops such as potatoes. My hopes are to be able to post pictures of the project as it progresses along so maybe it will give others some ideas for their safe food storage.
The summer kitchen will be a multi-function building. It will be used to start seedlings in the spring and for canning and drying in the summer and butchering anytime in between. It will measure 8ft X12 ft. I have a propane burner unit that will be used for canning and cooking when the power is off. I hope to obtain some kitchen cabinets before I come home after my vacation.
While I was out checking out the projects I walked past the brooder house and spotted a snake. And dang I hate those things. And no, snakes are not my friends. When my friends are crawling on their belly you can bet there has been alcohol involved. I yelled "snake" and Jason came out and did his usual, stepped on the snake and cut its head off with his knife. It was a big cow snake. I know they eat mice and such but they scare the heck out of me when I am not expecting them to appear, so they are better dead to me. It was about 5 ft long. Now I probably need mouse traps.
I will be blogging from the west coast next week. Am going on a trip to California for a week and will post pics to share my trip with you all. This is going to be a wonderful trip and good experience. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



MA Fat Woman said...

I hate snake too! I have nightmares if I see them. Have fun on your trip.

stella said...

Hi MA, thanks for visiting. The only good snake is a dead one in my book too. We have had way too many in our yard this year.